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   Moloss de Harghita

   Address: Szász Endre str., No. 7/B/30.
   Miercurea-Ciuc, CP: 530111; Hargita County
   Telefon: 0745-659558


At the moment you re finding yourself on an perfectionists website; Moloss Kennel from Harghita is Incze Bela's own property, my property.

As a child I was attracted to dogs. I have very specific childhood memories, when all day long I was preoccupied with my grandfather's little dog. I thought him to do a lot of things,and I stole many delicious food from the kitchen for it.
But the greatest gift for him was when I let it loose.
During 1982-1986 I was looking after a black german shepherd, but I just took care of the dog, it wasn't mine.
After that I had two black giant schnauzer , but when one of them died at the age of 4 months, I was physically worn out and I couldn't talk with anybody for a period of 3 weeks.

1992-1994 was the two years of my life without owning a dog. During that time I dreamed of dogs, dreams so realistic that they wouldn't let me have peace. I decided that I will have not one but many dogs, so that if god forbid one of them would die I wouldn't be struck by the loss as hard as before because the presence of the others will comfort me. I also decided to that I will own the strongest of dogs. This is how I came to the Hungarian Moloss Kennel where I attended the presentation of Istvan Kis who's speech left me in complete awe. His stories of the tosa dogs were amazing. I instantly fell in love with the species.

I bought my first tosa, for 800DM(deutsche mark), an eight month old female. One from a pure bloodline, not like some others I bought later. Those turned out to be mixed with Bourdain and English mastiff so they could keep the bloodlines fresh.

Since then I was interested in every tosa. I imported at least 10-15 bloodlines. When a new bloodline appeared that was interesting I immediately imported it. That is how out of 7 species the first ones in Romania are registered to me.I imported the first fila dog, bourdain, tosa, canary, malorguint, oldengles dogs.

I compared many dog species; it was a time when I had over 40dogs from 9 species and I can say for certain that the tosa is the one closest to my heart.

I never wanted to gain profit from the dogs and they never did bring money. The only goal I had was perfection.

I took part in the 1996 World Expo as a bystander because at that time I couldn't afford to compete for the title because of the high expenses.

Later I was able to attend the World Expo in Amsterdam as a competitor. At that time I haven't payed attention to the later nicknamed "Super-Dog" CHIRIYU from the Tosa Kennel Centrum who won all the prices during next years World Expo against all other ttosa. I had to wait another year (WE Dortmund) when I was finally able to get a black male UZUSHIOT.

This brought me a lot of joy, it gave me many beautiful puppies and we won a large number of Expos together. This dog became an important milestone in Romanian tosa breeding.

Meanwhile I realized a few things, for example: the difference between the Transylvanian Sekler and the Hungarian Tosa breeders: While I gave avay for free the most beautiful puppy I had; he sold the female that nobody wanted for money.

My perseverance was re-payed a hundred times when the president of Colunella Moloss Sandor Trefan introduced me to Krisztian Foldi who lives in japan. He fulfilled my biggest dreams. I felt that we found in each other what we were both looking for: A true honest Hungarian man.

The most amazing thing in dog breeding is that we met many good friends, friends whom we would have simply just walked by without saying a word if it weren't for their dogs.

All the Romanian Tosa Kennel breeders proclaim their dogs to be the best, after looking at them what can I say about Moloss Kennel from Harghita? That it is the best of the best of the best?

I almost forgot to tell that in the last 1-2 years I imported foreign bloodlines and all Romanian tosa breeders bought directly or indirectly from me.

As far as I know, nobody got as far in Tosa breeding as I did.

I have two top quality males from two different Kennels that exist in Japan. Also together with my friend Kristian we guided the 2009 first YOKOZUNA to the podium whre no european set foot before. My picture along with my dogs can be found on the 6-8m tall wall of the bigest Tosa centrum in the world in Japan.
That exceeded all my expectations and all this is thanks to my friend Krisztian and my enormous love for dogs.

Maybe Krisztian and I are living in a dream world where lies, thievery and scoundrel-ism doesn't exist, only the real human moral values do, and people are building their lives upon them. The western world was unable to eradicate these values from Japan and hopefully they will never be able to.

In may 2011 I will receive the first tosa female with real Japanese registry papers as a gift because friendship, truth and love has no price. As far as I know they never gave a tosa female to anyone before, and I hope that her owner TAKASHI HIROSHI will never be disappointed in me. He is a true spiritual friend. With this he achieved the highest respect in my heart and I truly hope that I will never disappoint or offend him ever and that our friendship will last forever.

In the future I want to take part in as many expos as possible and to familiarize the new tosa breeding male dogs with as many true tosa lovers as possible.


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